Best Things About Dentemax

I start with

Dentemax them what you know when they’re about to open their practice so I might have been working with them for a couple of months and and when they’re just about ready to see their first patients I always say the same thing always ask them to please take a screenshot of their schedule that week and put.

Dentemax  desk drawer and pull it out and take a look at it again a year from then and because the difference is when they actually start to where they are at year one is where they can’t even a match.
That they’re going to be in that place as pretty is pretty fantastic to to kind of be part of it baby pictures this two-story building and then we opened up on the second floor.there was no signage I ended up marketing that practice and turn that practice have brought that back to some to million in less than five years just like marketing.yeah is that what led you to doing your own consulting practice yes it is let me.

 That because I wanted to help dentists nationally and internationally to increase their business to do as well as they can and to optimize their maximum potential that they have in the industry so why then if the practice you built is so successful how did you start your own company or why did you start your own company I started my own company because they have a little girl at home and.

I wanted to have more flexibility in my life and work from home ok I also wanted to help dental offices across the country and I found that there was a need for that and I know I can make a difference in the offices that I walk into and do this with so do you see transformations all the time I absolutely do and yours I can start to see the changes within