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How To Use Dentemax Insurance in usa

You can Dentemax ask yourself whether you need additional dental insurance. Do you have healthy teeth then you might be better off if you do not insure yourself additionally? Some tips that can help you to consider whether or not to take additional dental insurance:


• You can check your dentist rates set by the government on the internet. The costs of a periodic inspection in and a crown. By these rates, you can calculate whether supplementary insurance makes sense or not.
• If you do not take out additional coverage, keep the money you would typically pay for your other dental insurance separately. If there is an unexpected visit to the dentist, you have money for this. If this is not the case, you have some extras at the end of the year to do something fun.

Are you still under the age of then the following items are still reimbursed for you from the basic package:
• Placing refills
• Making X-rays of the teeth
• Check once a year
• Treating with fluoride
• The removal of tartar
• Treating a root canal
Above 18 years
• Young people over the age of 18 will no longer be reimbursed for the annual inspection and dental care. You need additional dental insurance for this
• Furthermore, dental care such as orthodontics is no longer included in the basic package. In severe cases (see below), orthodontics can still be reimbursed, but a second opinion from another health care provider is required.
• Oral surgery is reimbursed through the basic package

In special situations it may be that you will be reimbursed for dental care costs from the basic package, always ask your health insurer. Some special cases can be:

• In case of an abnormality that you were not born with
• A disorder of growth
• A disorder of development
• At Studenten Goed Verzekerd, in cooperation with Zilveren Kruis, you can choose from five different dental

insurances. The first is Dental Basis. Depending on your care needs, you opt for a more extensive (3 or 4 stars) or less (1 or 2 stars) extended package. With the extended packages 3 and 4 stars, acceptance conditions apply: given the high compensation, the insurer is wary of customers with ‘overdue maintenance.’

• The coverage of the dental insurance differs per insurer. You can choose to take a more expensive dental insurance with which you receive more reimbursement. The reimbursement for dental costs sometimes comes from an additional insurance package that also covers items such as glasses, physiotherapy and vaccinations. Below are some examples of separate dental insurances in 2017.