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The baby  fun timers and come in the next day and get this done if you want but you do have to wait so that is the whole reason that  fun timers my dental implant situation was elongated so much is because I was pregnant now obviously if that didn’t happen.

fun timers
fun timers

I would have fun timers gone forward with all the steps and all of this would have been taken care of way anyway sooner than it did but I was pregnant so once my baby came the good news is at that point I’d no longer had to spend the money on getting.

A bone graft because my gums and the bones and everything already had about nine months to get their life together and heal and all of that stuff so we went ahead with the next step which I believe was placing the abutment which is basically.

The part inside your gums that you can then screw the tooth onto at the actual infant itself so you get that done then you have to wait a little bit more time and then they go back in and they give you a temporary tooth and then you have.

That for a period of time and then you get the permanent tooth so I currently do not have the permanent tooth done this is just the temporary right now you can see it’s kind of like a very gray very silver because if you look back here you can see it’s an awkward.

Position but you can see the metal part and that is the screwy part that goes down and links the abutment which is like the base of the screw or the name on.

The end screw and then it connects to the tooth itself so yeah I still do have to go get the permanent tooth done now if you guys would like me to do an update and talk to you about what getting the permanent part of the whole dental implant process is like let me know I have no problem doing